Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love is Enough

 Wow. Life has been crazy good since my last blog post. The Lord has been continuously moving within me to not only pour out more love, but also to begin sharing His relentless loves for each of these kids. I’ve felt like the Lord is slowly guiding me into situations where he gives room for the Holy Spirit to move within me and within the hearts of the kids. I’ve began doing some prayer time with the kids before they go to bed, and I am always amazed and in awe of their prayers. Every single kid prays for their families, and asking for God to send angels to protect them is not uncommon to hear. I am astounded by how much love they are pouring out for their families considering the situations they come from. I was taken aback one night, with a revelation that these kids are living the way we are supposed to! They are loving without expectations and forgiving their families despite how they have been treated. Being around the kids is such an encouragement and I see the Lord working on my heart through them. I often catch myself thinking about how amazing it is to know that the Lord has given me this opportunity to love on His children and help them experience His fullness.
            God continues to lead me into special moments where I get to pour into His children. One night, a boy across the hall from me started crying in the middle of the night so I went into his room. I was able to hold him until he fell asleep and pray over him. I felt the Lord saying to me, “This is what I have created you for and given you the desire to do. Delight in these moments.” It’s crazy to think about. I have nothing special to offer these kids, but through God I am able to pour out His love and be satisfied in doing that. I love that God is always seeking to lead us into more satisfaction in what we are doing so that we can’t help but give more glory to Him. God is ALWAYS going before us and preparing the path so that we can fall more in love with Him.
 I also have been able to get more intimate prayer time with a girl name Destiny. She has been struggling recently with obedience and submission to authority. She has been acting out with screaming, hitting, and throwing things. One evening, it got particularly bad, and I went to go talk with her. Immediately she tells me about having really bad dreams about hitting people and hearing things to tell her to do something bad. I knew God was leading me to ask Destiny if she wanted to accept Jesus and her savior and allow the Holy Spirit to come inside and help remove all her problems. She said yes, and we prayed together for the Spirit to begin a transformation in her! I felt God comforting me saying that that Destiny is His child and He will fight for her; all I have to do is continuously bring her to Him in prayer.
Hanging with Jenny and Shenice

Taking a break from the dance part for a photo.
I’ve also developed a relationship with a girl named Jenny (12). She is beautiful, smart, amazing, and has the most breathtaking smile and heart. She came to us about a week and a half ago because she was being abused, but then was placed back in her home four days later. Jenny only speaks Spanish….and I, well am working on that. But I did understand when she told me she didn’t want to go back because her mom was “bad”. I had barely begun a relationship with Jenny but she hugged me and cried on my shoulder for the next 40 minutes before we dropped her off with INFHA to take her back home. I gave her my number and told her to call me if she needed anything. I met with Jenny on Saturday, and she ran up to me and clung to me and started crying. She showed me bruises and welts from being hit. She said she needed some clothes—and so we went shopping. It was so amazing to get to go shopping and see her face light up because she felt loved and important. Since then, Jenny has told me that she doesn’t stay at home, but instead at a friends’ house. Today, she stopped by the children’s home and hung out with me for the day. She doesn’t have a place to sleep tonight- so she is staying here. I’m not sure how exactly how to help Jenny, but feel God telling me to continue to pour out love for her. It’s amazing to see how God is moving in this relationship considering we don’t even speak the same language. Love is enough! Love has the ability to communicate and to heal without words.  I am in more and more situations where God gives evidence of his crazy, relentless, and powerful love for His children. God will always fight for us and continue to pursue a relationship with us. This gives me so much hope and I pray that I can plant a seed within in these kids and that God will continue to bring fruit forth within them.  


  1. Hi Kendall!
    My family and I are heading to Roatan on Dec 16th and will be visiting you guys at the orphanage for a few days :-) Is there anything you would like us to bring for you? I'm not sure how much longer you're there, but I look forward to meeting you! thanks for the insight to Greenfield Children's Home you have given us through your blog!!

    Dawn Kern

  2. you can e-mail me at jdkern@telus.net